Apache vs LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress

Apache vs LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS that makes the development of much easier and quicker. It helps normal users to develop websites much flexibly without any developers, which can make the development cost 0. But, wordpress has several disadvantages with speed and security.

Speed is really important for users to visit a website. Speed is directly propotional on the number of ranking of the site on google. It improves the SEO and user experience. Google recommends the site speed to be lesser than 2 seconds.

So, maintaining the site speed is crucially important for a good site and for wordpress with the necessity to use third party plugins and themes, it’s even more important.

Apache server for wordpress

Nginx and Apache are the most commonly used web servers that most of the web hosting platforms support. Apache is Free and open source web server that releases regular updates and is compatible with IPV6. Apache server is easy to use and customize. Around 30% of the websites use apache server.

But, apache server can serve only less number of requests per second than litespeed server. Regular wordpress installation on apache server may not have great page speed. sites may even have more than 10 seconds response time in worst case where a theme or plugin may not have been optimized.

Also, if you opt to use apache server, you must use any external cdn or cache plugin to server the wordpress js, css and media files through cache.

Litespeed web server wordpress

There are several advantages of using litespeed web server for wordpress

  • Litespeed server have a dedicated cache system to cache files and a wordpress plugin to easily manage the cache configurations.
  • Cache can be purged automatically when you update any posts or make any changes on website admin panel.
  • Litespeed sever is completely optimized to increase the performance.
  • Easy to install and configure and manage.
  • Faster than apache server
  • Has options for advanced configurations easily from wordpress admin panel.
  • All images, files, html, css and js codes will be optimized.
  • additional cdn can be configured to use along with.

Litespeed server is not open source. But, it has free plan that is suitable for all kind of websites.

openlitespeed has easy configuration possibilities with several web servers.

AWS WordPress with LiteSpeed Cache (Powered OpenLiteSpeed)

Digitalocean OpenLiteSpeed WordPress

Vultr OpenLiteSpeed WordPress

Hostinger wordpress litespeed server hosting

You can check out their other hosting partners here


On an whole, litespeed website server will be the modern and great option for your upcoming high performance wordpress website.

You can check out the comparitive speed of two sites with same files running on apache and litespeed server.

apache vs litespeed wordpress

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